Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sweet Seven Year Old Birthday Party

Last Friday after school we had my daughter's birthday party...we did a Sweets/Pom Pom theme in her favorite colors--black, pink and white.  It worked out perfectly that her birthday comes 2 weeks after Valentine's Day.  Clearance sales!!  I have been collecting anything and everything pink and white I could find. 



We had a full itinerary of activities planned for the girls!  Including:

  • Pom Pom necklace craft

  • "Minute to Win It" style game using candy

  • Pin the Pom on Ella

  • Pizza and cupcakes

  • Candy Store

  • Candy Bingo 

  • Wii Let's Dance

  • And the ever popular....chase Ella's big brother around the house game! 

Not sure what was more fun, planning the party or actually having it!! 

Some Credits:

Colored paper straws.....Jilly Bean Kids

Minute to Win It printable.....Stacy Julian's Blog

Tissue paper pom poms.....Martha Stewart.com

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