Monday, December 26, 2005

Whew...Christmas is finally over!

....though there is a bit of sadness, Christmas is finally over! We had an incredible time these past few days visiting with family and friends. Aaron did work Christmas Day but we managed to see him for about an hour when him and the other guys stopped by my Mom's house with the engine for dessert. Of course they had to abruptly leave when they got a call of a fire! Such as the life of a fireman....

I hope everyone had a wonderful and joyous holiday!!

Check the photo album for some of our Christmas pictures!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Busy time of year...

We've been busy getting ready for Christmas and enjoying all that that brings...panic attacks in Target, obnoxious lines at the post office, jeans that seem to have gotten tighter, disappearing money in the know that kind of thing....  Just thought I'd share a picture that I love....  Merry Christmas....2

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Playgroup Christmas Party

We hosted this year's Playgroup Christmas Party Monday morning.  It was a beautiful day so the kids were able to play outside as's a good thing because we had a houseful, close to 40 moms and kids!  We enjoyed an enormous and delicious spread of goodies and then decorated sugar cookies and enjoyed hot cocoa.  Click for Christmas Party Photos

Our weekend on the coast

Img_5254 We headed to McKinleyville this past weekend to go to a Christmas Party/Going Away Party at Aaron's brother's house Saturday night.  We also visited the zoo in's a really cute zoo that has some great monkey exhibits.  Bill the Chimp is over 50 years old!  Sunday afternoon we celebrated Grandma Lee's birthday with cake and presents.  Click for Coast pictures