Saturday, June 28, 2008

Headed outta town!

We will shortly be leaving on a much planned and waited for vacation....we're headed to 6a00d834515bad69e200e5538f61ef8834
Disneyland and Las Vegas!  We can't wait to see Mickey Mouse again!  We go about every two years and love it so much.  This will be the first time ever going in the middle of summer though, so I'm sure it will be quite the adventure...the week of the 4th, hmmmm....maybe not such a good idea!  Our hotel has a pool though so we'll hang there if it gets too crazy. 

We will also be visiting family on the 4th for a BBQ and fireworks.  The big finale to our trip will be our 10 year vow renewal in Las Vegas!  It's going to be an unforgettable event I am sure.

One reason we are anxious to leave home, is to get away from all the fires.  It has been so smoky here for the the last 5 days or so that we can't really go outside too much.  It is actually a really scary situation with towns being evacuated all around us.  Aaron leaving on vacation in the middle of fire season may not be the best thing, but I know his family his grateful he is!  Here's a picture I just took from our backyard....IMG_7177

Hard to capture the true picture of what it's like but it's not good.  We normally can see much more out our backdoor, not just gray space.   'Smell-o-photo' would help as well.  In any case, we hope that the situation is under control very soon.

Speaking of our vow renewal above, I created a few pieces of jewelry to commemorate the occasion.  A necklace for Aaron (IMG_7179oops, thought I had a picture, but guess not!) and a Tiffany-style bracelet for myself.

And on the subject of my jewelry business, it's still going very well which I am so thankful for.  I am going to be running on a limited basis however, for the next 6-8 weeks or so while the summer is here.  We will be gone for the majority of the summer and involved in activities the rest of the time, that I cannot devote the time I need to it at this moment.  I need to remember the reason I started it in the first place, to have something of my own to build and grow with while allowing me the flexibility to be with my kids.  Taking the summer off makes sense to me.   I do plan to keep up with my creative blog though, so keep an eye on that too!  Juella Designs

I'll post from the road when I can...'talk' to y'all soon!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's raining ashes

Yesterday we had hail, lightening, and FRIGHTENING thunder.  Today 100 plus lighting-caused fires surrounding us.  Updated Info  Looks like Aaron will be working most all of this week.

View from my backyard.  Nothing but smoke and a red sun. 

We made it through!

Whew...the week of dance is over and we all survived!  There were no pictures or video taking IMG_7061
allowed the night of the performance but I will have professional pics and video in a few weeks to maybe share.  :-)  In the meantime, here's some we took over the week and at rehearsal.... Click here for photos

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wish Us Luck!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sneak Peek


What our week has consisted of.  It all comes to a finale tomorrow night!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Annual Trip to the Coast with Friends


This just about sums up our trip!  We had an incredible time on the coast with our friends this past weekend.  We plan and think about this trip for so long and I just can't believe it's all over.  We made many wonderful memories and unfortunately one bad one.  But we are all home safe and sound and so thankful to have the best friends anyone could ask for!

I took a ton of pictures and put together a really quick slideshow rather than upload them each individually.  Nothing's a busy week and not a lot of time for anything.  This week is a big dance performance, so rehearsals everyday...not just for Ella, but me too.  What am I thinking?  

In case anyone is curious...

about what got pierced in post before last....

Why?  No clue...just cause I guess!  LOL!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We love the Fair!

Today we hit the first day of the Shasta County Fair and had so much fun!  We love everything about the fair...the food, the exhibits, the entertainment, the animals, the crazy people watching, everything!  We sampled a little bit of it all and it was great.  The kids had a few entries in a couple different categories and Ella won a first place ribbon for one of her paintings!  Jacob got robbed on his baked cookie entry though...I totally thought he should have gotten 'Best of Show' for his chocolate chip/caramel/toffee bit cookies with the secret ingredient of banana.  They were so moist and yummy.  All in all it was a really good time...Click here for some of our photos!

Tomorrow we leave for our annual camping trip on the coast with friends...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's Official!

Juella Designs is a real life and legally operating business entity!  I am so happy to say that business has been pretty booming these past 3 months so it's time I went legit! 

I've also acquired my own domain name and started a new blog to document my business happenings as well as other creative stuff I like to share.  Check it out!

The downside...taxes and mounds of additional paperwork...bummer! 

School's Out!

The last day of school was last Thursday!  Woohoo...summer fun begins! 

We met up with friends for ice cream to celebrate the last day of school.  All these kids have known each other since birth!

At the last day of school, Fun Day.  A day full of water fun, food, friends, and games.