Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Funny Story

So yesterday we were in the car; me, Jacob, Ella and our friend Bryan. Jacob is telling Bryan stories about scary aliens (Aaron and Uncle Jeff have been watching alien movies with the kids---probably not a good idea!), anyhow Bryan couldn't understand what Jacob was talking about because of the way Jacob pronounces 'alien.' I told him briefly what I thought Jacob was trying to say, he said, "Oh OK, I thought he was talking about Aaron." Which Jacob then replies, "No Aaron is my Daddy. He's not scary, he's a good guy!" It was really cute how serious he was about it!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Playgroup Tour of the new fire station

For playgroup today we got to tour the new fire station 8.  It was my first time there too and boy is it nice!  Those firefighters are living pretty darn good, too bad Aaron didn't get to transfer there.  He's stuck back in the year 1970 for a bit longer!  All the kids had a great time sliding down the pole and playing on the various engines.  Even though Jacob see's fire engines all the time, he seemed the most excited of any of them!  Every time I looked up he was running by excitedly or jumping up and down.  He was probably most excited to share the fire station with all of his friends. 


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ski Day!

Saturday we went up to Mount Shasta Ski Park with our friends, Alicia, Michelle, and Aaron.  We had an incredibly fun time despite the snow and cold.   After a day of skiing and snowboarding, we headed into the town of Mt Shasta for some dinner.  We made it out of town, but barely!  Looked like if we waited too long we might be snowed in....not that that would have been a bad thing! 

I just spent some time making a little video showing off our photos and video taken during the day. I recently made the switch to Apple and there is a really cool movie making program called "iMovie"  It's so much fun to make little home movies and really spruce them up.  Please check it out and feel free to comment!  (Be patient, it may take a few minutes to load)
Skiing video

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Watch for Jacob and Ella in the Winter Olympics!!

We had an incredibly fun day today! We took the kids up to Mt Shasta Ski Park for the day. We rented some skis for Jacob and wanted to see if he still liked it before we get him some lessons. Now, I'm going to brag because this is my webpage after all....he's a pro! The only times he would fall was when I had to tackle him because he was going too fast! He absolutely loved it and kept saying he wants to go up the lift to the big mountain. Since I'm not much of ski instructor, we're going to get him lessons next week...he's got the staying upright and going downhill perfect, now we should probably work on the turning and stopping! Ella was really upset she didn't get to do it, so we put Jacob's boots and skis on her. She loved it too! If you click through the photos I posted really fast you can see her actually skiing down the hill.

So who knows, you just might see them both in future Winter Olympics!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just back from Vegas Baby!!!

Aaron and I just got back in from a great trip to Las Vegas to see Matchbox Twenty! The show and the trip were both incredible!! We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel which is a totally fun place and we really didn't even need to leave the property. Figured we could blow just as much money there as on the strip, so why bother?!

Since the last time we had flown on a plane was 2 days before 9/11/01, we weren't used to all the hoops you have to jump through to get on a plane nowadays. It seems Mr. Aaron Lee also has the same name as a person on the "Do Not Fly List"!! We had to wait even a little longer than usual but fortunately he was cleared to fly. I was starting to I really know who Aaron is? LOL!!

While in Vegas, we got hooked on video blackjack but managed to keep our heads while playing so ended up winning back what we lost on the slots and came out even. Would have preferred to come back richer but still works for me! I figured out a system now, so I'm all ready to go back for some more gambling. I don't think Aaron's going to let me for awhile though. I just know my plan will work!

As for the Matchbox show, it was beyond incredible. We got early entry so we were maybe 10 feet from the stage. Had I known that some of those fans were going to run like rabid maniacs the second the door opened we probably could have gotten front row but I was too stunned watching them! Our spot was perfectly fine though and we had plenty of room to move and groove. They played a little over 2 hours and gave an incredible performance.

The next day we were able to sleep in a bit and opted to take our time and head to the airport early for our 1:05pm flight back to Sacramento. Little did we know that pretty much all flights were delayed due to bad weather in the East. We ended up having to "hang-out" in the airport for about 6 hours with a huge crowd of disgruntled travelers. We did make some new friends though, Kyle Cook, the lead guitarist for Matchbox 20 and his wife were heading home the same time! After a long, long leisurely lunch, a nap, a couple of magazines and a newspaper, we were on our way home. Awesome trip and we look forward to the next one. So when do you think a child is old enough to attend a rock show? Images

Check the photo album on the right to check out our pictures!

I also managed to take some video with my digital camera and put together a little clip show of about 5 songs if you'd like to check it out here.... (copy and paste the link)