Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have a confession to make.  I started this year with big plans and a big commitment to myself that I would live a healthy lifestyle and I would become a runner.  Uh, here I am not living up to that personal promise.   Summer hit and oh boy! All that went out the window and fast!  I make no apologies as I really and truly enjoyed my summer of excess and hedonism.  But as the kids are starting back to school this week and as we need to get back to our regular routine, I have no excuses anymore.  None.  I had a moment a couple weeks back on a glorious vacation in Santa Cruz, where I made the mistake of stepping on a scale...oops.  I'm up, big time.  Um that would explain why I no longer fit into my go to pair of jeans.  Or why the elastic in my fave swimsuit just randomly gave out.  Oops. 

I wasn't a complete slob this summer (just almost!)...I jogged a bit, we biked a lot, I swam a teeny bit (mostly just floated on a raft with a KYNM).  My big issue was eating what I wanted, when I wanted and as much as I wanted.  Maybe the 15 or so DQ Peanut buster parfaits (among other things...oops) wasn't the best idea.

Onto another new adventure and attempt at self control.  Full disclosure: This summer vacation I gained 15 pounds...Oops again. 

Jillian and Jamie will be helping me once again on this journey and we've introduced Tony to the mix too.  

And as a bonus help...I ordered a custom "Accountability Journal" from my friend and fellow Redding Handmade member, Nicole!  

Check out her site to order your own custom planner!  She allows you to choose your cover, date range, size and style so your planner will be built just for you.  Click here for her Etsy shop - ncharshaf and Click here for her Facebook Fan Page 

So my idea for my journal is that I will write down every bit of food/drink I take in and record every bit of exercise I do.  Right now.  Um, it's blank.  Final OOPS and I am off to begin! 

Saturday, August 07, 2010

My Daughter

I cannot be more in admiration of my daughter.  She has a secure sense of herself at only 6 years old that I am still struggling to find peace with at 30 years plus that.  She is strong-willed, artistic, stylish, wise, thoughtful, insightful, caring, loving and so darn sweet.  She tends to play that she is shy but we know better. 

She knows what she likes and she isn't afraid to be different.  I hope she never looses that. Ever.