Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Visit from the East Coast!

Angela, one of our good friends we met in playgroup, moved to New York/New Jersey last year and came to visit us all last week.  So good to see her and hear of her New York life!  We got to enjoy a Mom's Night Out with her, as well as a playdate with her and her boys. (Thanks for the pics Angela!)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Rob tunes!

It's been a bit since I've posted any updates, nothing much new going on around here...day to day living.  Jacob starts back at preschool next week, finally!  Since I don't have anything new to share in the way of pictures, videos, etc, I thought I'd talk about my other favorite topic to post about...Rob Thomas!  He just released a new song for radio airplay this morning and I caught a bit of it to record from an Internet radio stream....

New Rob audio clip

The song is called "Little Wonders" and will be part of a new Disney movie coming out this spring called, "Meet the Robinsons."   Hopefully it'll be another big hit for Disney....and Rob! 

Monday, January 15, 2007

Skiing, sledding, ice skating and... bowling?

I got a chance to go through our Lake Tahoe pictures from last week so here's a link to the album of some of them. Lake Tahoe Photo Album

Sunday we went up skiing with some friends.  It was a beautiful day and not as cold as we thought it was going to be.  Aaron thought he'd get a little tricky a couple of times and I think is now paying the price for it. 

I also put together a video of a couple of ski trips in the last week.  I'm really bummed though because I had some great action clips of us skiing at Northstar and I accidentally deleted them before transferring.  Errr!  I managed to save a couple of them that are on this video.  Guess that just means there will have to be a 3rd installment to the skiing/snowboarding series!

And finally....this morning's playgroup was bowling.  Jacob and Ella really like bowling and Jacob takes it quite seriously!  I had gotten a couple of strikes right at the beginning so I thought I was doing pretty good, Jacob still ended up with a higher score than me. 

Img_6588Img_6583Img_6587  Img_6597

Saturday, January 13, 2007

We're back!

We got back last night from a fun family trip to Lake Tahoe on the northshore, Kings Beach to be specific.  In a word.  It was.  COLD!  Not a whole lot of snow yet, but there was enough to have some fun.  Grandma Jeanne came with us so Aaron and I were able to ski one day at Northstar.  Some other activities we did were sledding, ice skating, a little shopping and just lounging around the cabin.  Here's a small sampling in pictures of what we did.  I'll post some more later, as well as another video installment of the Lee's on the slopes!  :-) 

Monday, January 08, 2007

What's happening lately

I wanted to post a collage I made of a photo shoot I did last week.  These are some of our bestest friends and they had their oldest son visiting and wanted to get some family shots done.  We had a lot of fun with this and met at one of my favorite spots to take pictures.  The bricks make an incredible backdrop and the lighting is usually perfect no matter the time of day. 

A monumental occasion happened yesterday...I got new skis!  OK, maybe not that exciting but for someone who has had the email "lisaski" for 15+ years I have a reputation to uphold!  LOL!  My last pair I have had since I was about 17 or 18 years old and I FINALLY got rid of them on Saturday at a yard sale....fact I had to give them away.  My skis were neon orange and neon yellow, boots were white and purple and poles were aqua blue.  Yeah, I was quite the 90's sight!  So in anticipation of a few upcoming ski trips, we decided to bite the bullet and get me all new gear.  No sense getting rentals everytime, not only does it cost us money, but we waste time when we could be skiing!  I found these beauties at the first store we went to....black with pink-perfect!  So onto picking out the boots...none in my size.  Great.129227709_d_1  You'd think the second week in January would be a great time to find stuff...nope, they're clearing everything out everywhere.  So finally at another shop we find some that fit me, they're comfortable, they have great features, they have Recco installed (it's a tiny electronic transponder that will help me be found in an avalanche.  Percect for me and my kind of skiing.  Ha!), price was right....but the drawback....they're black (good) AND have touches of neon yellow and neon orange (bad...aww the 90's are back again).  Oh well...as Aaron says, maybe I can get out my acrylic paints and touch them up a bit!    

So that leads me into where I'll be the next four days.  We're taking a family trip to Lake Tahoe and planning on getting in some skiing.  I won't have a computer so there won't be any updates until we're back.

One last thing I thought would be fun to post.  A few years back my brother worked as a Production Assistant for the TV show, Power Rangers.  After a couple of years working for them, they moved the show to New Zealand and he had to find another job.  While finishing up production, he wrote and directed (and even acted a little) in a mini-movie entitled "Diary of a PA."  Recently he and I were trying to figure out how to get the DVD he made onto You Tube, the disk was protected or something and I couldn't figure it out.  A couple days ago he stumbled across the whole thing already up on You Tube!  No idea who put it up.  It's only been up for 2 weeks and already has a ton of views.  So crazy how this whole computer thing has revolutionized everything and made this world seem so much smaller.  So if you have time to kill, type Diary of a PA into the search field at You Tube and check out a movie he made.  It's been split into 4 parts.

Have a great week!


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Friday, January 05, 2007

Tearing up the mountain

We went up to Mt. Shasta Ski Park this morning to have some snowboarding fun (not so much for me, but that's another story all-together)!  Later I'm going to attempt to put together a jazzy video of the kids boarding but for now I'll share a few pictures.  (Something is wrong with my little digital pocket camera so they look really blown out...but I kinda like that look sometimes!)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

We hope everyone is happy and healthy in the upcoming New Year.  It's been awhile since I've posted any updates I see so thought I'd better start the New Year off right!  We've been busy doing all kinds of things around town in the last week...one big thing being furniture shopping.  Since doing our home remodel over a year ago we have been meaning to actually get some new furniture but have had the hardest time deciding on our plan of action.  We finally just decided to just jump right in and go for it and had to get it going before the big budget crackdown '07 started today! 

Let's see what else?  One pretty big change was Ella got about 7 inches of hair cut off!  I had grown tired of fighting with her on the daily hair brushing so I took her the day after Christmas to get her hair done.  I thought she'd be a little trumatized by it but not in the slightest, she got to sit on a pony and watch Dora so all was well.  She looks like a different girl to us!  Oh and the daily hair brushing fights still continue. 

We rung in the New Year last night with some co-workers of Aaron's.  We had a good time and stayed out WAY too late, fortunately Grandma had the kids so we could kinda sorta sleep in....does 8am count as sleeping in?

Best wishes in the New Year and keep checking back for all kinds of changes here in the coming weeks!