Saturday, January 31, 2009

I made it to the front page of Etsy!

A mini-milestone...
Picture 5

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mini Photo Shoot

Playing around while on a walk...

Ella is much better at model poses then's the type of pose Jacob gives me!

And here I was playing around with a Christmas gift, the Gorillapod.  The absolute coolest tri-pod...itPicture 5
turns anything into a tri-pod!  Here I used a tree...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

iPhone pic round up for the last week

Cub Scouts
Ballet/Tap Class

An incredible moment

IMG_0281 Hip Hop Class

Monday, January 19, 2009

Steeler's in the Superbowl!


Take that 49ers!

Guys Days

While Ella and I were on the coast with Grandma last week, Aaron and Jacob had a bunch of fun of their own.  Golfing, football playoffs, video games, McD's, nachos, Globetrotters...I'm sure there was more and I'm sure some of it was "secret" but maybe Aaron will enlighten us with what else they did!  Fortunately Aaron took pics too...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Girl's Trip to the Coast!

Ella has had an extended holiday break (which lasts for another couple of weeks!) so we decided to take a little vacation.  We debated for a long time on snow or beach and ultimately decided Fort Bragg/Mendocino would be our destination.  We also invited my Mom to come along and make it a real Mother-Daughter-Daughter trip.  The weather was absolutely unbelievable.  Sunny and 70 degrees, not even a's January people!  It's the coast in January people! 

We did a little window shopping, whale watching, treasure searching and eating among other things.  One restaurant we found that we highly recommend was D'Aurelios.  It was such a treat to find and a real locals place with the best Italian food.  My Mom and I each got pasta and Ella got a pepperoni pizza...the salad, the bread, everything was SOOOO good.  Click here for some photos from our trip.

It was a beautiful few days.  Coming up soon...what the guys did on their days without us!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Afternoon on the slopes

We had another beautiful day up on Mt. Shasta today.  We took only Jacob this time--to work on his skills and take him up the chair lift for the first time.  He did incredibly well!  I think Aaron was jealous because Jacob is already skiing better than he ever did. 

It was such a proud moment watching him and a moment I thought would never come, seeing him up on the mountain skiing with exciting!   

I did have a slight incident and have a mild concussion at the moment.  I don't really know what happened.  Last I remember is skiing down a pretty wide, fairly flat run and then next 'WHAP!" my head slams into the ground.  I'm OK now with an all over headache but it was scary at the time.  Jacob is smart, he has a helmet.  I think I need to invest in one for myself now. 


I don't think we'll go back up until they get another storm.  The snow wasn't too bad but there wasn't a whole lot of it.  And as for taking Ella up the lift...just not sure she's ready we're ready for that yet!  She has a need for speed and her idea of skiing is who is going to catch her.  I think a few more times on the bunny slopes for that girl!


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Another day on the slopes

Edited to add later in the day:
It was a very successful day on the slopes! The kids are really getting this skiing thing! Jacob is doing incredible and is able to make it down the bunny hill without P1033665
assistance. He's got stopping and turning down and just needs to refine it. P1033667
He said now that he knows how to do it he LOVES it. Ella is doing well too but I still fear she's about to bust out 
of the "pie" formation and go full speed ahead at any moment. We're planning to go again next weekend and take Jacob up the lift.