Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Aaron!

Today was Father's Day and unfortunately Aaron had to work it.  The kids and I wanted to do something special for him so we made him cupcakes from scratch and dropped by the station to visit him. 
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You are the greatest father I could ever ask for for my kids Aaron.  Thank you so much for all that you do for us. I love you more than anything!

Shasta District Fair 2009

IMG_9977 Going to the County Fair every year is one of our favorite things to do.  We went Saturday and had the best time ever!  I think we literally saw it all...not to mention ate it all!  Fair food has got to be the best and here's just a sampling of what we managed to eat...a HUGE BRICK of chili cheese fries, large corn dog, soda, hot fudge sundae, cotton candy, pulled pork sandwich, tri-tip sandwich, waffle cone, kettle korn.  Oh my gosh, I think I'm sick just typing all that! 

In addition to gorging on fair food, here's some of the other highlights to this year's fair:

  • Pig Races - a new addition to the fair this year and we got to 'bet' on which pig would win, the kid's pigs both won their races and they each got a ribbon

  • Seeing the biggest pig, smallest horse, and biggest gator--totally inhumane to the poor animals I'm sure, but the kids sure get a joy out of it. 

  • Grand Champion Pig - a friend of ours raised the Grand Champ pig of the fair and sold him for a whopping $21 a pound!  Aaron, back in his day, raised a Grand Champ of his own so it was neat to see.  

  • Hypnotist Show - Jacob sooo wanted to be hypnotized but unfortunately (fortunately?) you had to be 16 or older.  The show was such a crack-up though and now we're all fascinated by hypnotists. 

  • Milking a goat - Jacob got to milk a goat for the first time! He's a natural at it and if only we were able to have a goat in the city, we would.  Some of those goats were definite cuties.

  • Thunderstorm - Right in the middle of the hypnotist show a thunderstorm broke out! We got drenched and it was quite exciting with people running every which way.  We stuck it out though and it cleared up within 30 took slightly longer however for us to dry out.

  • Games and rides - All a highlight at the fair for the kids and the biggest money sucker of them all. Fortunately a kind fair worker gave us some free ride passes and the kids managed to win something at just about every game.

  • Stock Car Races - We always talk about going to see them on a Saturday night but never make it...Saturday they were free with fair admission so we had to watch.  We had fun picking different cars to win. 

  • The Climbing Wall - Jacob attempted to conquer the wall and reach the $100 at the top. Didn't happen this year but he's set it on his list of goals for the next fair!

Click here for a video I put together of our fair experience

Click here for more pictures


Friday, June 19, 2009

The next Tiger Woods

Thursday was also Jacob's Jr. Golf Tourney at Gold Hills Country Club.  After the tournament all the players received a certificate and had a BBQ lunch.  The Junior Golf program was extra fun because his good friend Chase participated as well. 
IMG_9951 IMG_9962

Another successful dance season has concluded

100_2252 Last night was the big show and Ella boogied down....I am so proud of her and how she did.  She had a week of ups and downs with dance and it ended perfectly.  Wednesday she told me that rehearsal day was her most favorite day ever and that dancing on the big stage was so fun. Thursday rehearsals started out great but by the afternoon she was breaking down exhausted and forgetting everything.  After a power nap and treating her like a princess until we got back to the convention center, she was back to DancerElla and she got that excitement back.  Video to come at some point hopefully soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dancing and Golfing and Fishing

This week has been busy (today in particular!) but all with fun stuff.  Ella has her end of year dance recital Thursday night and we've had rehearsals most every day.  Jacob is in a Junior Golf program this week as well.  Today after golf, Aaron and him even went up to Whiskeytown and got some fishing in.  I wanted to share some pics....
Jazz number...."Walking on Sunshine"

Hip Hop number..."The DJ"


As part of the Jr. Golf program, all the kids got free Tiger Woods-Nike golf clubs with bag and balls.  They were so nice that I almost wished I golfed and could get a set for me!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Emerald Forest Invasion 2009

This past weekend we had our 6th Annual Emerald Forest Invasion camping trip on the coast with friends.  Every year the dynamic is a little different and this year we had a fairly small group with five families.  Still a total blast and went by super-duper fast!  We went up on Thursday and after getting settled in to camp we headed over to Trinidad Beach to get a glimpse of the ocean.  We even spotted a whale off in the not too far distance. 


Early Friday morning the guys headed out to play some golf while the rest of us played around the campground.  Then in the afternoon we packed up some dinner and spent many hours playing on Big Lagoon beach.  Before the beach however, we made a pit stop at Humboldt Marine Laboratory where we got to see a variety of sea creatures and play with starfish. 


Saturday morning we visited the Samoa Cookhouse for a DELICIOUS and much appreciated (we didn't have to cook!) breakfast.  We then headed to Moonstone Beach for the rest of the day. 



Our nights were spent around the campfire...making s'mores, telling stories, singing campfire songs.  Another successful Emerald Forest Invasion concluded!

Click here for more pictures!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Samoa Cookhouse

Just had a BIG Breakfast! We are stuffed. Heading to the beach now.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check us out!

On our way to the coast for our annual camping trip with friends!
That's us in the front of the

Friday, June 05, 2009

School's out

We planned a school's out fun in the sun party and look...
Oh well...we're going to salvage it and have a School's Out let's play Rock Band and poker instead party!

No one can say I'm obsessed again...

Check out these chicks! 

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Jacob's Musical

IMG_3367 The school year is quickly coming to a close (only 2 days left!)....last Friday, Jacob was in a 1st grade musical performance called, "Open a Book."  It was very cute and a nice way to see the progress the kids have made over the course of the year.  He was one of the few kids in his class to have a speaking role.  His part was that of the Father.  So cute!  [Video upload coming soon....]

Monday, June 01, 2009