Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm in the mood to paint things!  Now that school is out and summer is finally here, I have the urge to freshen up our back patio area.  I want bright and comfortable.  I'm in the midst of about 6 different projects so none are complete but I wanted to share some befores and hopefully soon I'll share the afters! 

One is this bistro patio set I inherited from my Grandmother...


I've renovated it once was a dark gray with sage green padded seat and a glass top.  The weather has done a number on it and 'somehow' the glass top ended up in pieces...hmmm....  I plan to brighten it up and bring it back to functional once again.  I stopped by the fabric store to look for some outdoor canvas to redo the seats and my head just about exploded from all the choices!  After a couple trips back, I think I'm keeping it simple and going white with solid red cushions. 


This cabinet is a $5 find I made this morning at a local thrift store!  I need a place to store all the shoes, balls, gloves, etc that seem to be laying all over the patio at any given time.  It needs some love and it's pretty ugly but it's sturdy and has potential!  (And no I'm not talking about the pug in the picture!) 

And lastly a garage sale find from about a year ago.  I was inspired by an idea for this huge wooden frame I've had stored away.  I dug it out and am getting to work! 


I think I need to start paying Dexter a modeling fee....


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